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Our fully HR MANAGED services package HR MANAGED provides you with comprehensive HR support, all of the personalised and tailored documents that you need, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is protected.

We become an extension of your company, and we do so at an affordable fixed monthly cost - invoiced quarterly.  Whatever your HR needs are, we can ensure that they are completed on time, to your requirements and with the minimal impact upon your day-to-day operations.  Our expert guidance will help your business to meet both its operational and its legal requirements.

We offer 3 excellent packages which are tailored to what you require. The main difference between them is how much support you require.  We recognise and understand that some months you may need assistance more than others which is why we allow for rollover and an accumulation of hours to occur. This believe is the fairest way for you to manage your service and not lose out.  

All of our packages include HR Administration, where we will create and manage all of your end to end HR needs.  They consist of:

  • Bespoke offer letters and contract of employment
  • Offer document templates including terms and conditions of employment
  • Bespoke employee handbooks and policies & procedures
  • Reference and pre employment checks
  • Exit interview and resignation documents
  • Expert support on HR and Employment matters whenever you need it
  • Bespoke case management documents such as disciplinary, absence, grievance and redundancy
  • Newsletters and legal updates
  • Complimentary places on our round table events
  • Discounts on our Personal Development & Training courses

Furthermore, we can offer additional services when you need them or for an additional fixed fee, for example project delivery (redundancy, TUPE and investigations etc.); assistance during peak workloads; specialist recruitment campaigns, and impartial professional consultation.

Occasionally, you may need a more personal hands on approach.  We offer on-site support when you want or need it.  We can come to you regularly and operate drop in sessions for all your team.  We offer excellent tailored made packages; we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Our Additional Modules

To complement our excellent Managed Services, BrooklandsHR offer a few optional additional modules, with more being developed.

Health & Wellbeing

We're committed and passionate in improving the Health & Wellbeing in the workplace.

Every employer is reliant on having healthy and productive employees, who feel valued and supported. They are more likely to deliver the best outcomes for your business.  As such, we at BrooklandsHR believe that company efforts to create a healthy and safe working environment are conducive to a workforce thriving and maintaining a good work–life balance.

Fostering employee well-being is good for people and the organisation. Promoting well-being can help prevent stress and create positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive. Good health and well-being can be a core enabler of employee engagement and organisational performance.  If you want to attract and retain committed employees, prioritising the physical and mental health of your staff needs to be core business in your organisation.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to workforce wellbeing, considering both physical and mental health dimensions at work and at home. We strive to ensure that your employees have the resources not only to deal with, but to thrive in challenging situations.

We focus on well-being in the workplace, explaining why it matters. We outline the domains of a supportive well-being model and look at the role of different stakeholders in cultivating a healthy workplace.  Through our support system, we assess to identify risks to maintain a workplace that is safe and healthy for our entire workforce and visitors. We have created a culture of continuous improvement so that your business can learn from incidents.

We will work with you to develop a proactive Health and Wellbeing Strategy which is effective, efficient and most importantly supportive.

Our Partnerships

We are one of only a few HR service providers who have been able to set up partnership agreements with national health and wellbeing providers.  We are proud of our partnerships with Medigold for Occupational Health services and Assured Health for Employee Assistance Programme.

Occupational Health - Through BrooklandsHR, you’ll be able to access Medigold Protect with amazing savings.

We believe that Medigold Health Protect is an essential business service.  It provides access to expert occupational health advice and other work-related clinical services to keep employees functioning at their best and to keep management well-informed and ready to support everyone, equally.

When you’re building a business, your people are your greatest asset; why not Protect them.  There are many tools you need to keep going and growing, and Medigold Health Protect features a number of essential medical and wellbeing-focussed services, available on demand and accessed by management or by employees themselves.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) - Health Assured has years of experience with health and wellbeing. They’re trusted experts in reducing stress, combating absenteeism, encouraging good mental health and promoting positivity in the workplace.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) are employee benefit programmes offered by many employers. EAP are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health and wellbeing. EAP generally include assessment, short-term counselling and referral services for employees and their immediate family - wherever they are in the world, and the helpline is available 24/7.


There are plenty of talented people out there looking for jobs, and you’ve got a great position for someone.   However, recruiting the wrong person can be a costly, and very time consuming for a number of reasons.

At BrooklandsHR, we can manage the entire process, from agreeing the job description and person specification; advertising the position; assisting and advising with the shortlisting and full interview process (we’ll even host the interviews) - through to onboarding the successful candidate, ensuring the right paperwork trail and final screening.

With our robust approach, you will know so much more about all the candidates before you make the final decision to make sure you’re en-route to finding and employing the right people and ready to unlock your success.

Once you have found your ideal match, BrooklandsHR will help you with your tailored on-boarding and induction programmes and can also manage all probationary requirements.  And we supply the system to do it….

We will create and share new vacancies and assign applicants to the role.  Our software will digitalise and automate the full recruitment process, relieving you of the burden of recruitment busywork. Our applicant tracking system lets you create job descriptions, advertise your roles, arrange interviews, and practically everything else you need to hire top talent.

The applicant tracking software, posting detailed vacancies on your website is a breeze. The built-in application form lets you to collect all important candidate details and allows for the attachment of additional documents like cover letters and portfolios.

As soon as a candidate applies, they’ll automatically be added to the portal. From here, it’s easy to add notes, reject, archive, shortlist, or invite an applicant to an interview. Successful candidates can even have their status changed from applicant to employee in just one click.

If you operate a grading system, or wish to start doing so, we can undertake the Job Evaluation process.  You won’t find anyone better qualified to review your current Job Evaluation scheme or implement a new one.


Has running your payroll become too difficult and time consuming?  Look no further than the BrooklandsHR Payroll Service. Here at BrooklandsHR, we offer a comprehensive payroll outsourcing service that’s compliant with the latest legislation. We offer both fully managed and tailored services which look after all aspects of your payroll leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Fully managed payroll means we, in effect become an extension of your office, without the expense and commitment of recruitment, providing a complete outsourced payroll service with all of the benefits of a payroll department without any of the overheads or responsibility.  It will give you, your business and employees peace of mind that your payroll is legislatively compliant, and your employees are paid on time, every time.

Our payroll services eliminate the need for employing a payroll professional within your organisation. Our payroll specialists are dedicated, CIPP qualified, and will be on hand to support you and advise every step of the way.  We will make sure your employees are on the correct National Insurance number, ensure expenses, bonuses and overtime are paid, managing employee changes in tax code, and so on.  A fully managed payroll can help you save time and reduce hassle, and…

Personal Development & Training

With this additional intuitive module, you’ll be able to support and manage all of your teams training and development needs.

Our Learning Management System offers over 1,000 online training courses, consisting of all the essential compliance, skill builder and personal development.  With all of our performance management and training tools to create the most effective learning interventions.

It offers all the services you want from your LMS including; Record Keeping; Library Management; CPD & Badges; Teams and Group Management; Learning Plans, etc.  The LMS acts as a 'hub' allowing you to select which products and courses you need to meet your strategic objectives.

The Compliance Management 'Traffic Light' System is probably one of the most advanced compliance training management systems in the world.

The Traffic Light System is designed to make it simple for a single administrator to manage multiple mandatory training requirements for large numbers of delegates. By ensuring all instructions and reports are handled in one place, the administrator is free to focus on what training is required – rather than what can be delivered.

Traffic Light delivers prompts and reminders automatically and warns managers of staff non-compliance.  Advanced features include:

  • create compliance plansmanage long term absence
  • integrate face-to-face, online and coaching programmes
  • re-register and diarise future course registrations
  • manage job role changes automatically
  • manage 'exemptions'
  • advise managers of staff non-compliance.

You will also have 20% course fees for our HR DISCOVER

When your employees require mandatory qualifications, we can arrange and coordinate those too.  We have agreements with training providers to get the best possible prices.

Reward & Recognition

Strengthen your employee engagement today

Connect, recognise and support your people with Reward Gateway for Small Business - bringing together discounts, recognition and wellbeing in one unified hub.

BrooklandsHR are excited for our partnership with Reward Gateway for Small Business, and together what we can offer businesses like yours.  We will work with you to develop an intuitive Reward and Recognition strategy which is engaging, encouraging and focused on your culture.

Employee discounts are a simple way to bring a better employee benefits package to your employees, without the expense of a company-wide pay rise. Using their discounts at your organisation can give employees significant monthly savings from everyday essentials to special items.

A low-cost solution, high value for your people - The Reward Gateway for Small Business employee discounts scheme offers unrivalled discounts.

Powerful employee recognition to create a culture of appreciation - Employee recognition from managers and peers is a proven contributor to higher levels of employee productivity, retention and customer satisfaction.  It will help you and your employees connect with each other to create a culture of appreciation.

Encourage and support employee wellbeing, for a healthier, more engaged team - Give your employees the education, support and tools they need to enhance their wellbeing at work and at home. It will help support your employees’ wellbeing through expert-led content and tools that cover all three fundamental pillars of wellbeing: Physical, Mental and Financial.

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Whatever your HR needs are, we can ensure that they are completed on time, to your requirements and with the minimal impact upon your day-to-day operations.

‍We become an extension of your company, and we do so at an affordable fixed monthly cost.


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