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Outsourcing your entire HR service and process is not a new idea. It is difficult for any employer to stay current on regulations and HR best practices. Outsourcing HR has become a very popular option regardless of company size.

Having us manage your HR function is cost effective and ensures that your HR practices and procedures are compliant with employment legislation and regulations.  As your HR provider, we become a valued partner known to you and all the members of your team.

By targeting our HR services to the specific needs of your organisation, we can do as much or as little as you need at any given time in your business cycle. You can also adjust your level of desired services as your business needs change. For some clients, we manage all of their HR functions — other clients select those areas that are their greatest internal need, adjusting up and down as required for current business conditions.

How do you protect your client information? Where is my business information being stored? And how is it backed up?

All client data is stored on Cloud servers. This increases confidentiality of our client information. Client data is not stored on laptops or home computers.  Please read our Privacy Statement.

What does the BrooklandsHR Health Check cover and what is its value?

It is a full scope assessment of your entire, benefits, and administrative policies and procedures. We focus first on legal compliance and then suggestions for best practices. As a result of the health check you get a detailed summary, suggestions for compliance and significant resources from our HR library of materials.

What areas of legal compliance should I be most concerned about today?

The #1 concern right now is the COVID-19 pandemic and how it impacts your business for 2020 and beyond. Decisions and changes are occurring almost daily in terms of furlough and job retention schemes; therefore, you need to make sure your policies and procedures are up to date and communicated correctly to your employees.

Do you have client satisfaction and quality control processes? What are they?

Client satisfaction is one of our core values and performance objectives. Our Client Relationship Manager will regularly email, call and visit you to ensure everything is ok.

In addition, clients who engage BrooklandsHR for projects will receive updates at least twice a month.  Upon engagement for ongoing HR support, BrooklandsHR as part of the onboarding and implementation process, will create a clear plan that outlines the specific needs and procedures.

What if something goes wrong? What type of insurance do you have?

We have liability insurance and are fully covered.  A copy of our insurance can be obtained on request.

How do you ensure that your staff are current in the latest HR trends and employment laws?

In addition to obtaining professional HR certifications, all of our team undertake regular CPD in order to maintain and update their knowledge in the latest employment laws and policies. Additionally, our entire team are members of the CIPD.

What is your experience working with small to medium sized businesses?

BrooklandsHR was created to provide human resources services to small to medium sized businesses and not for profit organisations. Everyone who works for BrooklandsHR has had prior work experience with small organisations and understands their unique nature.

What is the benefit of outsourcing my Human Resources Function?

A lot of small businesses typically have someone who may have completed a HR qualification many years ago and reliant upon their experience.  However, the likelihood is that this person has several other duties and wears “multiple hats”.  They may not have time to undertake CPD and may not have time to complete those essential updates to policies and procedures.  And what happens when they are on annual leave or off sick - sound familiar?

BrooklandsHR can be a cost-effective resource to make sure you are staying compliant, maintaining communication with employees and management, and provides you with the ability to carry out common and practice HR processes and solutions.  Most importantly it offers your organisation consistency which reduces your legal liability, improves culture/moral and overall communication.

We allow you the opportunity to free yourself and other employees from the administrative burden that HR can pose and focus on your organisational goals.

Do I need Human Resources?

No matter what size your company, you need HR expertise to effectively manage in today’s ever-changing marketplace whether it is employment law, employee disputes, or general administration; getting HR expertise protects your company.

Why should I use BrooklandsHR?

We are highly knowledgeable and experienced HR Professionals.  With many years of combined HR experience, we have the depth and knowledge to help partner with your management team and serve your employees with a high-quality service.

We provide “Common Sense” Human Resource advice which resolves those human resource challenges.  We conduct annual HR Compliance Health Checks that focus on both legal compliance and the important best practice that minimise employer liability.  We prepare all of your administration, policies & procedures and employee handbooks.

We will work WITH you to determine the needs of YOUR business to operate efficiently for long-term success. We work side by side with owners, managers and employees to build morale, change or improve culture and be a resource for all levels within the organisation.

Work with BrooklandsHR for your human resources needs.

Get in touch and see how we can help you comply and succeed with your employees.

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