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Our HR system will transform how HR admin is managed.  Keeping employee information in one place and automating all those time-consuming human resource administrative tasks, this platform transforms the way HR is managed. With customisable reports, automated and streamlined processes, our HR management system provides the tools needed to support business.

With information held in the cloud, and a seamless design that looks beautiful on any device to help you get the job done – no matter where you are – HR admin software does not have to be complicated or confusing. With absolutely nothing to install and a simple setup process, this is your online HR manager. What’s more, a mobile app is available on iOS and Android to provide employees an even quicker leave request and directory platform.

1. Centralised Records

An HR system where you can easily access all yuor HR data from any internet connection.

2. organise documents

Keep all employee documents sage and private and publish policies and templates online.

3. book holidays

Manage holiday booking and absence allowances with a simple online process.

4. task reminders

Manage day to day employee tasks from the HR Dashboard with email reminders and onscreen notifications.

5. manage sickness

Easily monitor employee sick leave and absences with the manager dashboard, calender and reports.

6. Easy Reporting

Keep track of what's happening. Report Library and one-click Data Expert makes HR reporting a breeze.

7. Expenses

Manage employee expense claims. Employee completes a claims for managers to approve.

8. Improve Performance

Standardise the way you manage performance, keep track of objectives, and give credit where it's due/

human resources systems

All of our secure systems are designed to ensure everything you need to build a more collaborative partnership.

In addition to the HR Admin system, you will have access to a client portal which will allow us to communicate and share documents in a totally safe and secure manner.  By having a cloud-based team workspace, it will help us stay organized and work on and share the content that’s important.

We will be able to share files, and this is where your personalised policies, procedures and case files will be stored in an easy to find document library, as well as send each other documents when they are required. You will be able to search for files, folders, tasks, people and activity within the dashboard.

There are various file and user permissions across teams to control access, editing and sharing and all document versions are time-stamped and stored, so we can always roll-back if we need to.  With seamless integration, you will be able to open and edit documents stored in in the client portal into Microsoft Office.

Finally, when we need something from you, we will be able send you a File Request and receive them automatically in the Portal.  Protecting your data is important to us.

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